Artists and circus companies can work in complete freedom on non-result-oriented (practical) research, experiment, creation and training in the context of the development of an artist and/or circus arts. Together with a selection committee, we search for various circus projects that highlight the artist and the innovation of circus art. 

Blank space 2024 - 2025

Application closed

What we provide

  • A workspace for 5 -7 days (We will determine together what your needs are and which space suits your project.)
  • Possibility of staying with host families
  • Support and guidance from external experts from Leuven for two days
  • Opportunity to try-out
  • Financial compensation
    • Per diems: 24 euros per day per artist. (core team)
    • Transportation allowance: Up to 350 euros. We prefer green travel.

How to Apply

Submit your application digitally by filling out the Google Form. In this form, we ask you to introduce yourself, provide a detailed outline of your project, and specify your needs. For a blank space, we don't expect a perfect dossier. You will hear whether your application has been selected during the last week of December. The deadline for applications is November 1, 2023.

Residency space

  • Cas-co is a studio and residency initiative aimed at providing space for the development of various artists.
    View the technical sheet here.
  • The Predikherenkerk is an old church in Leuven that is now used for residencies and performances by 30CC. View the technical sheet here.

Are you looking for a different or specific location? Cirklabo has a network of partners with different types of venues. Together we'll see if we can find a suitable location.

Potential residency periods

We always consult to find a suitable period and location. For spring 2024, we are working with blocked periods at Cas-co and the Predikherenkerk. You can find these in the application form.

In addition, you can submit other desired residency dates and location (customized) for 2024 and 2025.

Collaboration TENT

Since 2023, our Open Call is part of a collaboration with TENT, in which a maker can be supported bij both organizations. Both TENT and Cirklabo highly value a society with a high level of diversity and inclusion. That’s why applications that work around this topic, can get an extra impulse with the support of both organizations. To qualify for this, you’ll need to apply for the open call of both TENT and Cirklabo.

Selection Process

The selection process takes place in three steps:

  1. CIRKLABO Team: The Cirklabo team reviews all applications and makes a preselection based on practical and logistical criteria. Applications that are approved are presented to the review committee.
  2. Review Committee: This committee assesses the applications and ranks/selects the most suitable candidates based on artistic quality, potential, and relevance to CIRKLABO. All submissions from the Open Call 2024-2025 will be reviewed by the review committee, consisting.
  3. Artistic Advisory Board: The committee's evaluation is submitted to the Artistic Advisory Board for final approval.

Would you like to learn more about the selection process? Read all about it here.