About Cirklabo

CIRKLABO is the Leuven laboratory which will explore circus arts in all forms. Artists are given physical and mental space to experiment, create and produce.

Circus workspace

The artist and the development of the circus arts are central to CIRKLABO.
It is based on non-product-driven experiment, exchange and reflection.

Absorbing evolutions in the circus arts, in Leuven or in society, the workspace stimulates the artistic deepening of circus, mainly on the following themes:

  • interdisciplinarity inside and outside the arts
  • new urbanity, and
  • digital technology

One big family

Would you like to be more involved in our working? We are always looking for volunteers, interns, host families, and engaged audiences.


CIRKLABO is part of cultural centre 30CC.
The operation is developed in very close and active cooperation with the circus sector and the Culture Directorate of the city of Leuven. Cirklabo will be supported by the Flemish Government from 1 January 2021 for five years in the framework of the Circus Decree.