Sinking Sideways

Period : 07-11-2022 until 13-11-2022

Residency: Cécile

Sinking Sideways was in residence from 7- 13 November to work on their creation Cécile. This performance is supported by CIRKLABO with a co-production 2022-2023.

Three acrobats, confined to a small space, continuously moving. In “Cécile” we are researching the possibilities that lie within one choreographic pattern and how we can fill it in different ways. An endless amount of forms appears and vanishes - three bodies seemingly morphing into one organism.

About Sinking Sideways
Sinking Sideways is a young Flemish contemporary circus collective. We are three dance acrobats working choreographically. The current company members are Xenia Bannuscher (Germany), Dries Vanwalle (Belgium) and Raf Pringuet (Belgium). We met at the Circus Department of Codarts University of the Arts (Rotterdam, NL) and specialize in dance acro. Xenia and Dries graduated in July 2020, Raf graduated in July 2021.

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Credits photo: Lily Schlinker