Callebaut & De Broeck

Period : 20-02-2023 until 24-02-2023

Residency: ob•joie


In Ob•joie, acrobat Josse De Broeck and percussionist Jef Callebaut perform on stage together. They are in a seemingly normal setting, surrounded by everyday objects. Josse plays these objects with strength and balance, Jef with sound and rhythm. Ob•joie is a visual circus performance without words, in which object manipulation, magie nouvelle and live sound go hand in hand. This results in humour as well as poetry. The audience will be amazed and wonder what’s going on.

About Callebaut & De Broeck

Jef Callebaut and Josse De Broeck have known each other since childhood. They attended circus school together. Josse remained in the circus, while Jef pursued his other passion, percussion. Now that both of them have successfully launched their artistic careers, it's time to create something together.