The circus workplace of Leuven looks back on the past year. The festival takes place from December 15 - 21. On November 30 and December 9 you can already enjoy two try-outs.

During these winter days, you can enjoy premieres, and impressive performances or take a look behind the scenes at the creation process of a show.

CIRKLABO-festival 2023

For professionals

During the festival, we bring the circus sector together and create a place where sharing and growing are central.

Sector moment

December 6

Writing a dossier within the circus decree. Learn everything you need to know about project-based dossiers and applying for structural funding. For circus professionals only. In collaboration with Circuscentrum.

Sharing is Scary

December 11 - 15

Sharing is scary is a practice sharing concept for contemporary circus creation. It's a collaboration between THERE THERE Company and Cirklabo. - Applications closed

CIRKLABO-festival 2022

By Samuel Pennynck

Samuel wrote an article on CIRKLABO festival. He studies Theatre Studies at UGent. For ten years he performed circus. Now he no longer performs but writes about circus, including for Etcetera. (only in dutch)

Curious about the programming for the first edition in December 2022?